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OPS Shrink Film

dic's OPS shrink film is newly improved products that make the film better clarity, stiffness, solvent-resistance and it can give many advantage when it comes to packaging.

PROPERTY · More cost-effective than PET due to lower density(OPS :1.05 , PET :1.32 , PVC :1.35)
Environmental Point · Environmental friendly material
· Using no harmful alcohol type solvent
Recycling Point · More easy to separate the OPS label from PET bottle due to lower density.
· Easily tear of perforation simplify label separation from the bottle.
Quality Point · Low shrink force prevent thin or PE bottle from distorting.
· Due to its outstanding shrink curve, it can be applied in any shape of sharp-curve bottle and no smiling effect problem.

We have another grade of OPS for specific purpose

①  Shrink paper film : It has white appearance like paper.

· High yield advantage due to low density(0.96), Cost effective
· Floating on the water, Easy to recycle.
· Ideal for Dairy products due to the milky-covered color.
   (It can offer potential ink savings in application using heavy white label)

②  OPS Color : It can be customized in various colors.

· It makes products more natural and stylish beauty.
· It can be applied in specific purpose such as wine capsule and UV blocking.